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Heritage of Devold


Unique Norwegian Knits


For centuries, fishermen in the city of Ålesund, nestled amongst the islands and enveloped by the fjords, have set out to face the Norwegian Sea’s hazardous and unpredictable conditions.

In 1853, galvanised by the spirit and resilience of this community, Devold of Norway was born. Ole Andreas Devold set out to create knitwear suitable for land and sea, pieces that would protect against the elements, keeping workers warm and dry. As one of the worlds leading merino outdoor brands, Devold of Norway continues its dedication to mastering wool.

Born out of the same heritage, O.A.D. builds on 170 years of craftsmanship and knitwear expertise, creating refined pieces for a classic, considered wardrobe.

Best Boot in the Market


Alpina Ski Boots has a long tradition in the Nordic and early positioned its products in the top segment offering "Market Leading Performance", "Superior Fit and Comfort", and "World Class Engineering".

Beyond the Nordic products, ALPINA SPORTS offers a variety of products from hiking, hunting, and alpine.

We are proud to represent Alpina in the Swiss Market and will

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Alpina Sports

Wax Tooling Technology


Ski Roto Brusches


RED CREEK is an innovative Swedish company that is world leader in Wax Tooling technology. Among other things, the company has made a strong mark with rotor brushes and grooving tools. The head office and factory are located in Boliden. RED CREEK has for many years worked with the Norwegian and Swedish national teams to develop market-leading products.

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