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Innovative Product Concept from Scratch

In May of 2021, we made a "Product Innovation" pitch to take over the sponsorship for Swiss Ski Nordic Disciplines. We started from scratch setting up a complete toolbox of highly innovative products for XC, Biathlon, and Ski jumping. We carry years of experience in innovative textile, design, development, and production, and we combine our textile knowledge with unique sports insight in Nordic disciplines as a former professional athlete and a cross-country skier. We presented a concept that caught the eye of the Swiss Ski Pool where the performance aspect was in focus, and where we brought in premium partners such as 'TORAY' and PRIMALOFT in our aim to develop market-leading products in every category.

Our Pitch showed a "New Level" of Performance

When it was clear that Swiss Ski had chosen our innovative product concepts, we started a race against the clock to develop around 80 new products from scratch in less than one and a half years. Normally a project lead-time in size of this size takes approximately 3-4 years. We launched the products just before the start of the WC season with the support of the Swiss Ski Pool. The financing part of the project and the sponsorship did not live up to its promise, and we left the project without getting paid and where we took over the design and development right for all products made for the Swiss Ski Pool.

Swiss Sports® takes over the Innovative Nordic Products

Now we launch the Swiss Ski developed products under the brand umbrella of Swiss Sports®, and continue our journey and ambition to be the Innovation leader in Nordic Sports. Below we show a selection of products made for the Swiss Ski Pool.

Now we offer the Innovative Swiss Ski products direct to you!

Never seen before

Nadine Fähndrich WC Win in Davos
Design Innovation
This weekend’s fantastic performance from Nadine Fähndrich during the World Cup competitions in Davos. Nadine claims her second win for the season in the XC Sprint in free technique. She...

"Conquered 3 WC Gold Medals"

"It takes One, to know One"

The Race suit

When setting up the concept for "The Racesuit" I went through my head shifting the mind into the situation of the competition speeding out of the stadium, climbing the hills optimizing the technique and posture, flying down the slopes maximizing the position over the skis trying to gain as many seconds as possible. At the same time bringing out the best materials to optimize the aerodynamic properties, muscle stability, microclimate, comfort, and protection. There are secret properties hidden in the suit making it unique and market-leading, and only the well-educated will be able to call out those features!

In the process of creation, we measured all Nordic athletes in the Swiss Ski to analyze the unique body balance. Knowing that every human is unique in dimensions and muscle mass made this step extremely important identifying the perfect fit for the suit to maximize the support and comfort.


Target was to "Reduce the Weight by 50%"

Light-Weight Insulation Parka

The Premium Insulation Team Parka is constructed with 'TORAY' 2-layer 4-way stretch Dermisax EV® fabric that offers a 20'000 mm water column. The PRIMALOFT® Thermo Plume® vegan-friendly light-weight synthetic down insulation offers warmth, high loft, softness, and packability, made from 100% recycled content and features fluorocarbon-free water resistance.

The comfort and lightness go beyond, and with the packable inside pocket, it makes the perfect travel companion serving as a pillow while the athletes take a rest on the go. The two-way hand pockets have a fleece lining to warm up your hands when you get cold. The collar closes high up to protect against the elements and the hood is easily adjusted and with the reinforced screen you don't lose the protection and visibility. The drop-tail brings extra protection and warmth over important muscle groups around the gluteus and thighs maintaining combat readiness in front of the race.   

Warm-up & trainings gear

The product concept includes two warmth levels where the Jacket, WarmUp pant, and Shorts is made with a slightly warmer fabric. The Vest and Training pant is made with a lighter material to maximise the micro climate during intense training sessions. The back panels on the uppers has a subtitle SUI laser cut pattern to quickly release excessive heat. The front of the products are shielded by a 4-way stretch 3-layer fabric that protects against wet snow and cold wind. Collars and zippers are folded and bonded for a streamlined make. Pockets are carefully integrated with reduced amounts lining layers to maximise the weight. The laser cut raw edge cuffs on the jacket are watch compatible with access while wearing gloves. In low light conditions the reflective details speaks up to show the presence of the athletes. The pattern construction of the garments are executed to minimise the drag of the wind and optimising the ergonomics and movability of the athletes. Woman's pants has a unique waistband construction to balance out the the pressure over the hips and stomach.

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Sweet tase of Victory

Protective 3L Workwear Parka

The never seen 3L Team Parka was inspired and developed to serve two main purposes. Firstly it targets athletes and coaches offering a complete weather shield against the elements. The pockets are generous to fit extra dry cloves and needed equipment while moving around in the dedicated team areas during World Cup competitions. The shoulder pocket is developed to carry a com radio or similar while coaching the athletes around the racing course. Despite the robust and rigid 3L material offering a water column of 20'000 mm, the parka has full movability through its genius construction.

The second purpose was to bring a protective space in between the sprint races for the athletes while sitting on the training bike spinning the lactate out of the muscles. The hood is generous to fit your favorite headphones that isolate you from disturbing elements creating your own bubble to recharge and reset your brain for the next race.

The design is so modern, clean, and sophisticated that you can wear this parka together with your tuxedo. The more you use the parka the more beautiful it gets while the patina grows on the rigid material.

PRO Insulation & Midlayer

The "Insulation Pro" concept has a one-of-a-kind construction made for high intens training activities. The chest, shoulders and upper sleeves ahs a light 40 gram PRIMALOFT® GOLD insulation layer. The material base is a combination of premium 'TORAY' materials where the wind shield in front is built with a light weight 4-way stretch rip-stop AIRTASTIC® nylon fabric, and the back of the garment is setup with a brushed KARIUSHI® fleece. Zippers have been selected to reduce the weight to its maximum. The laser cut cuffs on the jacket has thumb-holes and watch access. Waist opening, sleeve opening, and the opening of the hood is constructed with elastic over-edge tape to bring a narrow fit that follows the athletes body and movements. The upper back panels has the subtitle SUI laser cut pattern to maximise the release of excessive heat. The design is clean modern and timeless. The midlayer on the right side is the perfect performance fleece that bridges from high intensity training to representing the athletes during press conference and official presentations.