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Body Weight 45-60 kg
Ski Length 182 cm

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A wax-free lightweight ski for "Classic technique" suitable for training and recreational skiing featuring the new Astara-Lite core of the ski and Integrated Mohair and nylon skin for grip.

MOVE Binding Included

Rottefella MOVE Switch allows you to easily move the binding for better attachment and sliding, without taking off your skis. With a little practice, you can even move the binding at speed. Turn the MOVE Switch lever clockwise to move the bindings forward by 12mm for better grip or counter-clockwise to move the bindings backward up to 24mm for better glide. Rottefella MOVE Switch provides better grip and glides even when the snow conditions change, the ski lubrication wears off, or when the weight changes, for example when using a pack or sled. MOVE Switch Auto has a step-in function that makes it easy to step on and off the skis.
The binding comes with a medium flex that can easily be changed to a harder or softer flex. Flexen is a flexible cushion that provides bending resistance and contributes to better control on the skis. The binding is approved by FIS and can be used in all competitions. Prized with the ISPO award in 2018 for best innovation in cross-country skiing.

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Made his first skis by hand out of Norwegian wood

A story of passion

Ambition was born in 1906. Martin Madshus made his first skis by hand out of Norwegian wood. The selection of trees was important, aiming to inspect each tree for the best quality of grain. Each tree that passed inspection was marked with the letter M to seal its fate and turn it into a winter work of art.

Madshus racing service is the link

Nordic Innovation

MADSHUS has a dedicated team traveling with the athletes during the world cup season making sure the skis perform at its very best. This is also an important part of bringing direct feedback into the company of potential changes or improvements that needs to be done to maximise the performance.

A complete offer for all skiers

Skis for all Ambitions

MADSHUS has developed a complete offer of Nordic skis and equipment to serve all kinds of skiers. The tradition of going out on skis for recreation and to experience the nature is very strong in Norway. If you have questions about what skis to choose based on your ambition or experience you should contact us and we are happy to help.